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Stem Cell Facelifts

Stem cell face lifting is a revolutionary new technique that uses your own fat stem cells to create new skin quality, uniform skin color, tightening of the skin and a youthful appearance, all without surgery!

The procedure is based upon the ability of your own harvested fat stem cells to regenerate new skin, collagen and skin cells. This important group of cells comes from your own fat. Recently, Dr. Keller and a group of his colleagues found that fat contained adult stem cells. By using your own stem cells, you avoid any rejection from non-compatibility, transfer of any disease from a stranger’s embryonic cells and of course there is no “dead bady” moral issue by using your own fat.

The harvesting of your fat is simple, fast and safe. You are awake for the entire procedure but are in a relaxed state with the medications Dr. Keller gives you. There is no danger of a general anethesia, no surgical lifting, no drains and no long recovery time. In fact, most of Dr. Keller’s patients return to normal activities within 2 days. With minimal bruising and discomfort, most patients feel fine the next day.

The procedure only takes about 2 hours and is performed in Dr. Keller’s office. Using local anesthesia call Tumescence, fat is removed from your abdomen or sides. Dr. Keller usually only needs to remove 60-100cc of fat. Many patients elect to undergo Smartlipo at the same time to combine body sculpting with the stem cell face lift. The result is truly a new you.

After the fat is removed, Dr. Keller processes the fat in his office, using an FDA approved machine he helped to pioneer. This is done under meticulously strict conditions so that the stem cells retrieved are healthy and pure. Dr. Keller then counts the number of stem cells he will inject into the face. Dr. Keller realizes that there must be a critical mass of stem cells injected to achieve maximum results. The wonderful aspect of having the harvesting station next to the patient in the procedure room, is that he can always immediately obtain more stem cells if needed.

The actual injection of the cells is relatively simple. Using a Keller Cannula, Dr. Keller inserts the stems cells through small (2mm) nicks under the jaw and artistically sculptures the face. Often times he will also inject your own fat in order to fill wrinkles. The addition of fat acts as a filler to restore the atrophy of an aging face.  The results are instant and remarkable!

Call now for a free consultation for this revolutionary new treatment to regenerate your youthful appearance. And best of all, it is affordable, unlike a surgical facelift. It’s another example of what Dr. Keller is renown for: Helping you to look and feel your best at any age!

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